Late Summer Wasp Solutions

Wasp season is in full flight at Proactive Pest 🕸

PPS have been busy battling wasps all around your local area
Some of the highest densities of wasps in the world are found right here in New Zealand!
NZ has five social species of wasps that are classed as pests, their sting containing several toxins!
– NZ also has several native wasps but they tend to keep to themselves 🐝
Along with threatening human health and recreation wasps are also a significant pest for our native birds and insects too.

The best solution, get Proactive!

Technician holding Vespex stations and signage

The best time of year to get on top of wasps is in Spring before they get a chance to establish with queen trapping.
From December worker wasps become prevalent and there is not a lot you can do expect locate the nest or keep them distracted with traps.
If you are lucky and the nest is able to be located and we are able to treat it directly, this can be a quick and easy fix!
Alternately, for a short window coming into the cooler season they begin to look for proteins.
During this time is when we can use Vespex baits developed here in NZ. Good news, we are an approved Vespex user!

Services Proactive Pest offer;
Wasp Nest Treatments – if you know where the nest is located
Queen Wasp Trapping – completed from September for best results
Vespex Wasp Baiting – best completed late summer/early autumn when wasps are collecting protein

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