Proactive Pest Solutions protect your home from unsightly webs and invading whitetails and cockroaches.

Or protect your property and native wildlife in your area from rats and mice!

Leave it to the pest experts and call PPS today!

PPS take extra care around your family and pets.
We are a family company and we treat your home as if it were our own.

We go the extra mile to keep your family safe.
- We cover your edible or flowering gardens during treatment to minimise exposure to your family and non-target species such as bees and butterflies!
- We will move kids/pets toys out of spray range during treatment if present

If you have any concerns, we want to put your mind at ease - get in touch!
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Proactive home owners and property managers have us on their annual schedule to protect their family and property.

How can PPS help?

Our Exterior Treatment will keep out intruding cockroaches and whitetails and keep your home web-free! It can also protect your paint from damage caused by spiders and reduce bird droppings on your buildings. Saving you time and money by cleaning the building less.

Rodents are common in all urban areas, having a 'Proactive' rodent management plan in place over the cooler months or all year round, will help to prevent rodents from causing damage to your property and will help biodiversity in your area.

Get Proactive! It all starts in your own backyard.
Common Questions
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When completed by our trained professionals, our treatment is safe for both kids and pets.
Modern methods and products are designed to be effective against pests while posing minimal risks to humans and animals.

We re-home bees with a local beekeeper whenever possible - as hobbyist beekeepers ourselves we attempt to save every nest we can!
However, sometimes due to the nest location this is not always possible, such as if in a wall cavity.

We guarantee our Exterior Treatment for 3 months.
In most cases you should see 6-8 months of effective protection with results lasting as long as a year.
This is dependant on many factors - some clients are happy with an annual spray, others like to complete every 6 months to keep on top of pests and webs.

If you are planning on cleaning the building and/or windows alongside an Exterior Treatment, we would recommend completing in the following order;
1. Clean the building
2. Exterior Treatment
3. Clean windows

The treatments themselves are very similar, just be sure to tell us what your target pest is so we can adjust our treatment to suit if required.

No, we have never had cladding stain following our treatment.
We are more than happy to complete test spots prior to treatment.

We are very careful not to spray windows directly and generally there would be no marks on windows.
However even plain tap water can leave water marks.
We have found that if there is dust or pollen buildup on frame this can run down the window glass and this can be visible. This is why we recommend cleaning windows following treatment if you are planning to clean them.

Yes, many of our clients have beehives onsite.
Please do let us know as there are extra steps we will take to ensure that they are protected.
Steps such as
- covering flowering gardens
- completing treatment when there is minimal wind drift and ideally not at peak harvesting times
- tailored treatments to fit clients needs i.e. adjusting spray technique

Only Interior Treatments require you to leave the house - you must vacate the home for at least 4 hours following the treatment.

Exterior Treatments,- this is totally up to what you are most comfortable with.
Some clients choose to be home - others prefer to have it completed whilst they are away from the home such as whilst at work.

Our German Cockroach Treatments are spray-free - you do not need to leave the home for these.

Our Interior Treatment is a light flush for anything that may already be lurking within the home when we apply the Exterior Treatment, which provides most of the protection and is primarily directed towards entry points and behind furniture
It is NOT a heavy residual treatment.

If wanting to complete an Interior Treatment we would generally only recommend completing if you are seeing more than 3+ creepy crawlies in the home over a week - if we don't believe it will be of benefit we don't believe in using pesticides within your home!

No! Rodenticides do not cause rats to chew water pipes.
Rodent front teeth are constantly growing at a rate of approx. 13cms per year are are harder than mild steel! They must chew on things such as hard plastics to wear their teeth down.
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Repeat and keep them away all year round
Once the pests are gone, it’s important to keep them away!
Schedule the next treatment so you know your property is protected all year ‘round.
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What Barbara Says About Us
Without hesitation, I highly recommend Joel and Rhiannon. They were especially sensitive to the needs of my two hives and sprayed when the bees were all settled in their hives. Also, Joel covered the large Lavender so that no bee would be adversely affected. To top it off, my recently cleaned windows didn't even get a mark on them. All in all a very professional job and a very satisfied customer
What Rexina Says About Us
Joel and Rhiannon were excellent to deal with! They were passionate, professional and humane. They also made sure our little dog was safe when spraying the house and advising on products. I highly recommend them for any homes or businesses wanting pest control.
What Leigh-Anne Says About Us
We have used Proactive Pest Solutions for the last year or so, and highly rate their work, their professionalism and expertise, and their customer service. They have gone up and beyond to ensure our house is insect free, including going back to clean up dead insects as we do not reside locally. Thank you
What Simon Says About Us
I highly recommend this business. Joel & Rhiannon have an in depth technical knowledge of pest control so you know you are in goods hands. Their customer service is exceptional going well and truly the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.
What Megan Says About Us
These guys are just so awesome to deal with. Super friendly and helpful. They really just go the extra-mile to give such a high quality level of service to their customers. Have really appreciated how friendly they are and they don't mind silly questions!! We wanted a treatment that would be as natural as possible and they fully catered to our requests. Can't recommend highly enough
What Leslie Says About Us
Luke was awesome, he got rid of the cockroaches in our kitchen and we didn't even need to leave the house as he didn't use any sprays!
Best of all they didn't come back - highly recommended!
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